Monday, May 18, 2009

Post elections!!

My party lost. NDA lost.BJP lost and moreover Advani lost. Guys ,I'm shattered,I'm tarnished.How could the results go against BJP.We were allset to establish a democratic front and a decisive goverment.A total spoilsport of everything.The superhero has spent several sleepless night for this day to get the biggest shock of his life.I remember dancing on street as a 7 year old kid on Mumbai streets when 1998 Loksabha poll results were announced.I was seeing Vachpayee as our spinal cord of our system all though he couldnt do much.God!Is this the end of BJP.Will we ever form a goverment atleast after next 20 years which would be the era of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi as the backbone of our nation.A stupendous display and a great result by the congress.I had 10 kg of Barfi's with me and desperately I was standing outside the BJP headquarters outside Delhi with crackers and everything.So that once the results would be announced I would directly go to temple and pray for our next goverment.It has not been a single day where I didn't go to Siddhivinayak Temple and pray for Advani ji and BJP. Was there any flaw in our election campaign or did congress outplayed us.We are shattered.Don't worry guys BJP would probably come into power for sure and StepMAN will be your leader.

Any way congrats Mrs Sonia ji,Dr.Manmohan and Mr.Rahul ji

Signing off for today,
Jai Astonpark,Jai Jupiter

Comes from a very upset BJP supporter ......JAI BHARAT...BHAY HO!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


How on earth could StepMAN be a flirt.I know I'm a bit naughty at times,just because your superhero is fun loving kinds.Nothing to do with flirtism. I came back to Writers Lounge after 3 months stay in Brazil.Now ,I wonder why I came back to Lounge.My23 babes were simply amazing and gorgeous.I left them just for the sake of leaving them.I promise girls ,your amiga will be back with a bang and we all will rock Sao Paulo and Rio beaches with minimal clothes as we did.I got an opportunity to take Ms R for a date to Jupiter and Neptune which was subjected to change coz of harsh weather condition.I promised her that I will introduce all my Alien friends to her.She was excited as well.Her excitement had no bounds.She was impressed by my wits and power.Later on I was glad to meet my 24th girl who happened to be an old friend of mine .She was my admirer.She was Artz ,who was my 24th girl until Leo came into picture.Nevertheless,I just want my guest and my dream girl SM back.Guys from WL has not behaved properly with her.What happened to your morality guys?Remember you weren't like this. Don't you know how to treat a guest.She is your superwoman after all.Respect my chick.You should be knowing that your superhero StepMAN has ditched all his 23 brazilian girlfriends and his 24th Indian chick for this SM.Its your duty to makesure that you keep your superhero happy.Sonu another new fan of mine asked me not to flirt in front of girls.
Dear Sonu,me ain't flirting girl.Your superhero is just a well natured person.
Will be flying to SouthAfrica for IPL 2 finals.Well , I don't even know the full form of IPL.I'm just interested in watching the dance of the cheerleaders.Gosh!!another hectic day of work.

Got to sleep now.My alien friends from Astonpark have missed me and I' m regularly getting messages from them for not seeing them.Love you guys.

Signing off!!

I do have an orkut.Makesure you add me there and planning to start a facebook account.Process your requests on my shoutbox which is installed on my blog.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super battler

Gosh! another hectic day .Came back to India from brazil after 3 months.Seriously I should thank the Brazilians for giving me such an opportunity and I hope I have done my job.They had asked me to give a speech on Recession long ago.By now ,I would have been enjoying in Jupiter with my alien friends.I loved the people in brazil and the girls.Somehow my dream is to meet supermodel Giselle Bundchen.I remember mom used to feed me by showing Gissele's ramp show on Fashion TV.Since then she is my inspiration. Nevertheless when my beloved ones needs me,I 'm not here.Today few people from WL needed my help and don't know why I came back to Lounge. I will be missing my 23 girlfriends from Brazil.I know how much they love me.We had fun together and leaving them was leaving everything.I somehow managed to tell them that my home needs me.Writers Lounge ,my home.But don't be surprised if I fly back to Brazil soon.Coz I'm in love with the chicks and no matter I would see that they won't miss me.I've promised a video conferencing session with my 23 chicks everyday .

signing off . .

have to write assignments of one of my loyal fan .