Monday, May 18, 2009

Post elections!!

My party lost. NDA lost.BJP lost and moreover Advani lost. Guys ,I'm shattered,I'm tarnished.How could the results go against BJP.We were allset to establish a democratic front and a decisive goverment.A total spoilsport of everything.The superhero has spent several sleepless night for this day to get the biggest shock of his life.I remember dancing on street as a 7 year old kid on Mumbai streets when 1998 Loksabha poll results were announced.I was seeing Vachpayee as our spinal cord of our system all though he couldnt do much.God!Is this the end of BJP.Will we ever form a goverment atleast after next 20 years which would be the era of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi as the backbone of our nation.A stupendous display and a great result by the congress.I had 10 kg of Barfi's with me and desperately I was standing outside the BJP headquarters outside Delhi with crackers and everything.So that once the results would be announced I would directly go to temple and pray for our next goverment.It has not been a single day where I didn't go to Siddhivinayak Temple and pray for Advani ji and BJP. Was there any flaw in our election campaign or did congress outplayed us.We are shattered.Don't worry guys BJP would probably come into power for sure and StepMAN will be your leader.

Any way congrats Mrs Sonia ji,Dr.Manmohan and Mr.Rahul ji

Signing off for today,
Jai Astonpark,Jai Jupiter

Comes from a very upset BJP supporter ......JAI BHARAT...BHAY HO!!!!!


  1. I was actually supporting congress so I'm pretty much happy......

    another time....

  2. dont get emotional happy...atleast coalition govt to nhi hogi na...dats such a relief... kg barfi n all... :D

    Hail StepMAN!!

    took ur quiz on only 75% :(
    *still cant believe it* :P