Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super battler

Gosh! another hectic day .Came back to India from brazil after 3 months.Seriously I should thank the Brazilians for giving me such an opportunity and I hope I have done my job.They had asked me to give a speech on Recession long ago.By now ,I would have been enjoying in Jupiter with my alien friends.I loved the people in brazil and the girls.Somehow my dream is to meet supermodel Giselle Bundchen.I remember mom used to feed me by showing Gissele's ramp show on Fashion TV.Since then she is my inspiration. Nevertheless when my beloved ones needs me,I 'm not here.Today few people from WL needed my help and don't know why I came back to Lounge. I will be missing my 23 girlfriends from Brazil.I know how much they love me.We had fun together and leaving them was leaving everything.I somehow managed to tell them that my home needs me.Writers Lounge ,my home.But don't be surprised if I fly back to Brazil soon.Coz I'm in love with the chicks and no matter I would see that they won't miss me.I've promised a video conferencing session with my 23 chicks everyday .

signing off . .

have to write assignments of one of my loyal fan .


  1. hehehehe.. video conferencing with 23 of them. are they all staying together? technology wise we're still behind i guess. so please enlighten us! :P

    and what if you fall in looove with ahem the guest?

  2. well...if i ever fall in love for the guest...i will definitely leave my 23 girlfrnds

    yeah brazil is better .. .technology wise ...

    video conferencing with 23 girls is possible

    u forgot me a superhero dear

  3. what was the fun u had with the 23 babes?

    hide and seek?

    or who comes first contest?

  4. hail StepMan!!
    long time dear superhero!
    missed u so much here!!

    will keep followin ur adventures now....

    mom used to feed me by showing Gissele's ramp show on Fashion TV! LOL

    Hail StepMAN!!